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When God Stood Up

When God Stood Up

A Christian Response to AIDS in Africa

"The book puts HIV/AIDS into terrifying perspective. Jim and Kathy Cantelon are the face of God's love to so many who are so desperate."
--Deborah Grey, MP (ret'd).

"As Jim narrates his accelerated response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, it reminds one of the image G.K. Chesterton captured of St. Francis: always running.' Within a matter of weeks, the author catapults out of Vancouver to the Durban colloquium, to hospitals and church events across the sub-Sahara-you sometimes look for a page to catch your breath!

Come to think of it, with the awesome destruction of human life described here, what could be mode appropriate? When God Stood Up carries a sense of that which it issues a call for: breathless haste."
--John & Ruth Kerr, Trans-Africa Theological College, Kitwe, Zambia

"Posturing God as standing up sends readers a signal: beware. Coddled for years by an image of a benign and permissive deity, Cantelon gives a yank on our leash of grace. Human tragedy, he reminds us, isn't just unfortunate-it's the stuff of life that strikes at the very heart of faith, a fait he asserts that should neither be smug nor comfortable. This God of justice makes it clear that those who call themselves by his name are to do no less than embrace justice."
--Brian Stiller, President, Tyndale University & Seminary, Toronto

"This is more than the story of the calling of a man to a god-sized mission. It is an informative, unfolding drama of perhaps the most critical issue of our time-AIDS in Africa. As Jim has cast and recast his vision, people all over the world have been caught and reeled in to unexpected roles, in response to the pandemic. My husband and I are in that number. Be warned as you read, you too may be stirred to action!"
--Moira Brown, Co-host, 100 Huntley Street, CTS-TV

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Publisher: Wiley
Publication Year: Dec 22, 2006
ASIN: 0470839279
ISBN: 9780470839270
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