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Opening the Windows of Your Soul

Opening the Windows of Your Soul

Discovering the Life-Changing Impact of the Lord's Prayer

Have we forgotten how to pray? Have we forgotten the purpose of prayer?
There is a huge need to rediscover prayer—to rediscover the genius of the greatest template ever presented to mankind: the Lord’s Prayer. Why? Because Jesus is the ultimate teacher, who brings us back to the basics and coaches us in praying the Lord’s will—not ours.
This book will encourage the reader to confidently pray God’s will, not theirs. Meditating on the Lord’s Prayer will lead the reader from a frustrating exercise in wish fulfillment to faith in the Lord’s sovereignty that God does what is best. Prayer as a means to instant gratification or a pleading for a cause will yield to prayer as an expression of partnership with the Lord, providing a calm sense of spiritual security. Those who pray will be secure in the knowledge that the Lord’s will is being done.

James Cantelon’s reaffirming of the power of the Lord’s Prayer is informed by more than fifty years of Christian ministry, researching the scriptures, and ministering to the needy and spiritually insecure. His perspective is informed by four decades of praying with various and foreign cultures (Israel, many African nations, and India).

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About the Book

“In this book, James Cantelon walks us through the most well-known of Jesus’s prayers: the Lord’s Prayer. Step by step, he acquaints us with the Creator and God of all, opening what he calls ‘windows, ‘ enabling us to see what we too often miss. I suspect none of us will ever again pray the Lord’s Prayer the same way. A magnificent addition to our understanding and faith in the risen Christ.”

–Brian C. Stiller, global ambassador, The World Evangelical Alliance

“By the time Jim Cantelon walks us through the Lord’s prayer, from a foundational ‘Poverty of Spirit’ to the concluding ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Purpose, ‘ aptly illustrated with stories which span a boyhood on Canada’s prairies to his vital and seasoned ministries in places like rural Malawi, we come away thinking that Dr. Stott, with whom this luminous volume begins, may have been right after all, as he opened the windows on a new day: ‘Usually the Prayer is all I need. It sets me up for the day.'”

–John C. Kerr, principal emeritus, Trans-Africa Christian University


About the Author
James Cantelon is founder of Working for Orphans and Widows, a Canadian charity whose mission is to empower the local church in Sub-Saharan Africa and southern India to care for the destitute. Jim hosted national television talk shows 100 Huntley Street, Eye to Eye, and Talk to Me, and currently hosts Jim Cantelon Today. Jim’s books include Theology for Non-Theologians (1988) and When God Stood Up: A Christian Response to AIDS in Africa (2006).

Publisher: Resource Publications
Publication Year: 2024
ISBN: 9798385205486
List Price: 22.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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