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Letters to Jess and Kate

Letters to Jess and Kate

A Unique and Innovative Approach to Helping a Child Understand Divorce

Many mothers have trouble communicating openly with their children after a divorce. How can you be sure that your children will freely talk to you and discuss important questions?

Letters to Jess and Kate is a unique tool to help parents and children talk together more easily. This collection of fictional letters from a wise and sympathetic uncle offers stories about life that encourage children through tough times.

Jess, who is eleven, and Kate, who is nine, have questions about their parents’ recent divorce. Uncle Bob, who lives in another part of the country, asks his sister if he can offer some fatherly guidance, since the children’s dad isn’t living with them anymore. So he writes a letter every week to Jess and Kate, sharing family stories and lessons he’s learned in life, including tough subjects like: why people, divorce, guilt and selfishness, sexuality, understanding God, growing up, making decisions, falling in love, and myriad other topics that concern preadolescent children.

At a summer camp on a Montana lake, or at a little farm house nestled in the winter snow, touching characters like wrestler-turned-preacher, David, Hummer and animal-loving Farmer Findley come to teach and entertain your children.

Uncle Bob’s stories introduce difficult issues and make it easier to share feelings and fears, to have fun in the present, and to hope for the future.

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About the Book
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Year: Jan 1, 1994
ASIN: 0840796846
ISBN: 9780840796844
List Price: 11.99
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