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January 27, 2020

| Jim Cantelon |

I was watching a TV documentary recently where there was a study on “finding happiness” through group dynamics. In other words, leaving all screens behind and simply fellowshipping face to face with flesh and blood human beings was the road to happiness. What a concept!

One of the significant benefits of this kind of intentional interaction is the resulting sense of belonging. In this social media era we have never been more connected and more isolated. We’re lonely!

One proven place of belonging is a local church. Not all are the same , of course, but most not only meet on a weekly basis but they care. When you’re cared for, loneliness is mitigated and purpose begins to rise. Why? Because in being cared for we naturally become caregivers ourselves. We suddenly have a sensitivity to the needs of others. We become active rather than passive.

Ultimately meaning, purpose, and fulfillment  are inextricably tied to loving others. What’s more, if our actions are motivated by love for God, He fills the heart with joy.

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