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December 7, 2020

| Jim Cantelon |

We just celebrated the first Sunday of Advent. Christmas is less than a month away! The long established magic of the season is trying to gain traction, but Covid is pushing back. The online shopping, house decorating (apparently there’s a huge run on Christmas trees),and Zoom connections are all in gear, but the elephant in the room is “Code Red” restrictions on gatherings. In our area we’re told to stay home without outside guests on Christmas Day. What?!


For sure this will be a December 25th like never before. Are we ready for it? Will it be a downer or will we dig deep and find some joy?


Joy, in the final analysis, is something we choose as much as feel. It’s roots are in gratitude. We used to sing a song in church,“Count your blessings…”. There’s wisdom in that lyric. We have much to be grateful for. Our entitlements may be losing their grip but that’s a good thing. Reevaluation, reinvention, and renewal go well with “Peace on earth good will to men”.


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